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 Mafia 2

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PostSubject: Mafia 2   Wed Aug 22, 2007 2:06 am

Illusion Softworks has already begun work on a sequel to its 1930s gangster action-adventure Mafia, we can exclusively reveal. Not exactly as shocking as discovering a severed horse's head under your bed sheets, but fantastic news nevertheless.

Confirmation that Mafia 2 is underway came direct from the horse's mouth - sorry, it's horse day today - a spokesperson for Illusion revealing to us: "Yes, we're working on it", when questioned on what was happening in regard to a sequel to its crime epic.

Unfortunately, as far as Mafia 2 details are concerned, the developer is keeping lips firmly sealed. Although it would be natural to assume that Illusion will stick pretty close to the original in terms of setting and style, concentrating on gangster frolics in a fictional city in the 1930s, we'd love to see a sequel that's a little more contemporary.

A videogame paying homage to Goodfellas perhaps, or The Sopranos, would be a real treat.

No release date for Mafia 2 yet, and no platforms confirmed, although we expect it will appear on PC, Xbox and PS2. We contacted Mafia publisher Gathering to try and squeeze out further info, but it declined to comment in any way whatsoever on the sequel.

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Mafia 2
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